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The Ladies of "The Help" OWNED 2014

What a talented, hard-working and - based on all the reunions just in 2014 - close-knit cast ! 
Let's see why they deserve all the praise this year!

VIOLA DAVIS received rave reviews for her supporting roles in Get on up (a reunion with Octavia Spencer and director Tate Taylor) and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (a reunion with Jessica Chastain), she also headlines How to get away with murder, the new ABC hit show that has so far garnered her a SAG and Golden Globe nomination...and that Emmy is now only a matter of time, too.

EMMA STONE wrapped her iconic Gwen Stacy arc in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, headlined Woody Allen's latest (Magic in the Moonlight), received rave reviews for Birdman that will probably garner her her first Oscar nomination and is currently starring on Broadway in Cabaret much to the delight of theater critics and audiences alike.

OCTAVIA SPENCER had a hilarious, Emmy-worthy arc in the CBS sitcom Mom earlier this year (a reunion with Allison Janney), then starred in the cult-bound Snowpiercer (thanks @uneraison for reminding me, it completely slipped my mind, I saw it over a year ago), then came Get on up (a reunion with Viola Davis and director Tate Taylor), after that she headlined her own TV show that may have been short-lived, but it still had a passionate fanbase (Red Band Society). She left the best for last, her critically acclaimed turn in Black or White.

JESSICA CHASTAIN may have a serious "2011 flashback" right about now because once again she is in a bunch of excellent films all at once : all three versions (Him, Her, Them) of her festival hit The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (reunion with Viola Davis) were released this year, she also played a crucial part in Christopher Nolan's international hit Interstellar, she worked with living legend Liv Ullmann on the adaptation of a legendary Strindberg play (Miss Julie), and she is receiving strong awards buzz again, this time for A Most Violent Year...oh, and her first film Salome (& Wilde Salome) finally had a public screening...although one night only and in the UK.

CICELY TYSON followed her triumphant - and Tony-winning - return to Broadway with a TV film adaptation of the play, The Trip to Bountiful. She received an Emmy nomination for her towering performance...and she is bound to receive another one after she stars in How to get away with murder as Viola Davis's mother...all right, the role hasn't been confirmed, but who are they kidding, living legends simply don't DO throwaway guest spots. She is the mother all right.

ALLISON JANNEY is so brilliant that she actually won TWO Emmys this year, one for comedy (Mom) and one for drama (Master of Sex). Dear Hollywood, it is high time to give her a movie !

Honorable mention : BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD may have had a quiet year, but she is the female lead of one of the most anticipated films of 2015 (Jurassic World) and since the first trailer caused quite a stir this year, the very least she deserves a mention.

P.S. Ahna O'Reilly was great as Elizabeth Leefolt and as nice as it was to see her in Fruitvale Station, a brilliant film (also starring Octavia Spencer), I am still waiting for the industry to give her her big would be well-deserved.

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