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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


 1. 12 Years a Slave pulled off all the expected key nominations.
2. Her, though no love in the acting categories, exceeded expectations (Jonze a double nominee!)
3. The Wolf of Wall Street got deserved nods in picture and for directing, acting and writing.
4. Meryl Streep’s tour de force performance didn’t go unnoticed.
5. The lovely Sally Hawkins is an Oscar nominee at last !
6. The brilliant Michael Fassbender is an Oscar nominee at last !
7. Julia Roberts’ career-best work won her her first nomination in 13 years.
8. The core trio of Before Midnight once again recognized in Best Adapted Screenplay.
9. At least Prisoners and The Invisible Woman will go down in history as Oscar nominated films.
10. Megan Ellison, one of the fiercest producers of our time, received two Best Picture nominations.


 1. Most of the ’surprises’ were bad ones for me.
2. How they didn’t go for Saving Mr. Banks, is beyond me. Too unapologetic female lead or what ?
3. Inside Llewyn Davis failed to receive a major nomination. Shame.
4. How could they say no to Emma Thompson’s long-awaited / well-deserved Oscar comeback ?
5. How could they say no to Tom Hanks’s marvellous year in film ?
6. Daniel Brühl should have been nominated without question.
7. Nicole Holofcener should have been nominated for Best Original Screenplay.
8. By ignoring Stories We Tell, they missed the golden opportunity to give Sarah Polley an Oscar.
9. Dallas Buyers Club was a good film, but editing nod over Thelma Shoonmaker ? Hmm…NO!
10. American Hustle pulled off the rare feat of nominations in all four acting categories. Russell’s second time in consecutive years. I don’t think either of his films will age well enough for such rare honor.


 Due to the four acting nominations, American Hustle is now the Goliath in the race, it will face backlash and ’the little film that could’ (a.k.a. the David in this story) 12 Years a Slave will win Best Picture in the end that will also give the Academy the opportunitiy to give an Oscar to superstar Brad Pitt. I think the most important developments of Nominations Morning were this : they REALLY loved Dallas Buyers Club (suggesting one, well, probably two acting victories) and they REALLY appreciated Her so Spike Jonze will probably win an Oscar, hopefully in Best Original Screenplay. From now on the ones I root for the most : 12 Years a Slave in Picture/Director; Leonardo DiCaprio, Lupita Nyong’O, Spike Jonze and Before Midnight.

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