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WOW...The Help is STRONG !

It is not only one of only 4 (!) films that managed to receive SAG Ensemble, Golden Globe Best Picture  and Critics Choice Best Picture nominations (the other 3 are supposed frontrunners, The Artist, The Descendants and Midnight in Paris), but it also looks like it will have NO trouble landing 3 (!) Academy award nominations in the acting categories, since Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain ALL pulled off the 'Trio' (SAG, Golden Globe, Critics Choice)...add the tiny fact that Mary J. Blige seems to be on her way to frontrunner-status in the Best Original Song category, and we already have 5 almost certain Oscar nominations. Also, it has a good shot at sneaking into Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Costume Design. Well-done, girls !

P.S. Having said that, I am still slightly worried about the new rule. The film definitely has great support, but does it have that crucial 5% No1 ?


  1. I think it could land a BP nom due to Viola Davis's Oscar gold and Spencer's supporting win. She will beat out Streep and Williams.

  2. If Viola Davis wins, so will The Help for BP.

  3. Well, considering the film became a lock based on precursors - although it should be emphasized that none of those organizations changed their voting system, so all could be irrelevant if the Academy's new rule doesn't work out (mediocre films from Academy-fave directors IN, good to great films from relative unknowns OUT ?) - I think the big question is whether Tate Taylor could surprise us in the bd-category The Fighter-style ? He needs the DGA-nod first, that's for sure. I mean, if the film gets nominations in picture, acting, writing, the Best Director category isn't that far away.