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Young Adult gets release date

Source : Deadline

After getting some good buzz for Snow White and the Huntsman over the weekend (Comic Con), there is suddenly/finally some quality information on Charlize Theron's other important film, Young Adult. The Jason Reitman-Diablo Cody reunion has just gotten a very Academy-friendly release date : December 9 (limited) / December 16 (wide). Considering Reitman’s last two films received picture, director, screenplay, acting nominations, I think we should definitely look out for this one…especially now that it has a December (!) release date.

(Sorry for using the Snow White-still, unfortunately there are no stills available for Young Adult at the moment...and let's face it, that's a cool promo pic. Charlize Theron is an outstanding actress - her 'Monster' was arguably THE performance of the last decade - so I am fairly certain that whatever happens to this dark reimagination, she will excel the juicy villain role.)


  1. Reitman/Theron's past history will make me consider it ...

    ... only to dismiss it.


    Just a hunch!

    And, I have a feeling Julia's publicity still will blow Theron out of the water. I don't know why. Just a hunch. I think Huntsman shot its load by releasing pix of all three major cast-members at once. Though, it still may Armaggedon Brother's Grimm at the box-office. '

    And, by the way, when did publicity stills become the norm? I don't remember this being the case until recently? Or have i been sleeping under a rock?

  2. Phantom... After having seen the Like Crazy-trailer... How would you put it's Oscar-chances?

  3. WOW, that's weird, I've just finished watching the trailer for the first time, then I came here to check out the site and here was your question. I think the film is too small and doesn't have the advantage of starring previous nominees in the leading roles like last year's Blue Valentine, and even that received only one acting nod DESPITE the previous nominees AND the universal critical acclaim AND decent precursors (BFCA-Golden Globe) AND the Weinsteins.
    Unless it receives universal critical praise and delivers a better-than-expected (limited) BO-run, I think it will be more Spirit Awards than Oscars.
    On paper, it has/should have a shot in picture, screenplay, actor, actress...but in reality, its best shot is at screenplay in my opinion...and even that seems like a long shot at the moment...although the two leads DID receive rave reviews and that's always a good start.

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  5. Okay... let me ask another related question... Is there any chance that any Indie-film (or low-budget film) has a shot at becoming a Best Picture-nominee? or does the new voting system make this impossible?

  6. It is VERY likely that there will be at least one indie/low-budgeted film in the best picture category, considering there have been a lot of prominent top5 players in recent years that were indies. These were Black Swan, Precious, Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Good Night and Good Luck, Sideways, Lost in Translation and in the last two years the 10-slot-system allowed indies like 127 hours, Winter's Bone, The Kids are all right, A Serious Man to get bp-nominations.

    Bottom line : It is almost certain that there WILL be indie presence in this year's best picture category. And who knows, Like Crazy could get in, it's still just August, what do I know about its Oscar-chances ? I'm just guessing.

  7. Thanks for responding...

    Just out of curiosity, because you haven't had a blog-entry in a couple weeks, are you planning on posting something new soon?

  8. Fair question, I had a very busy week, but I hope I can post a few things over the weekend.
    I'll update the Basics-section (trailers, release dates, critics scores) + I'll post "The Update - July Edition".
    There will be new top50 posts in the main categories after "the trio" (Venice-Toronto-Telluride), but in case there will be a film that suddenly becomes a strong contender by then (my best guess is The Help and/or One Day and/or Contagion).

  9. , I'll make sure it won't go unnoticed.

  10. Hope all is well Phantom.


  11. Thanks, all is well, only I have to work nonstop and then basically every single weekend I'm dragged to ANOTHER wedding...damn, I hate wedding-season. There are a few pieces I'm working on at the moment, I really hope that some of them will be finished in the next couple of days.