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FINALLY ! Albert Nobbs gets US-distributor

Source : Deadline

Liddell Entertainment and Roadside Attractions have acquired US rights to Albert Nobbs ..., the companies, who partnered on the distribution of Biutiful last year, plan a fall release for Nobbs, which puts it in awards season. 

Roadside Attractions had a great year, they managed to secure four nominations - including best picture -  for Winter's Bone despite a very early release date and two for Biutiful  (the Best Actor nomination was especially impressive considering the lack of precursor-love).

Bottom line : they are getting good at this, so let's hope it will be FINALLY Glenn Close's year ! I should probably add an obligatory 'if she nails the part', but come's Glenn Glose...we all know she WILL. Although the infamous Weinstein-push and their iconic female roles this year (Meryl Streep's Thatcher and Michelle Williams's Monroe) will be probably incredibly hard to beat, I am still rooting for Glenn Close who should have won years ago and is arguably THE most overdue actress today.

Still up for grabs
Wuthering Heights
The Door
On the Road
The Eye of the Storm
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Peace Love and Misunderstanding
Violet and Daisy
Killer Joe

Check out the updated distributors here !


  1. Nothing like bias for Glenn Close. I am rooting for Streep who has been churning out excellent film after film for the last 20 years with no reward. Meanwhile, Close has been a TV actress. Seems only fair to give Streep her reward this year.

  2. I think Glenn Close should get her first before Meryl Streep gets her third...I don't consider that an outrageous idea. Close should have won in the 80s, too but the Academy snubbed her, it's time to pay up. At least Streep got 2 (!) Oscars back then for great performances, Close didn't, though her "Dangerous Liaisons" was completely outstanding and definitely Oscar-worthy. I am just as entitled to my opinion/bias as you are and even then, I still consider you claiming Glenn Close is just a "TV actress" rather low. And for the record, I LOVE Meryl Streep, I would be just as happy for her third long-overdue Oscar as you...only difference, that I would be slightly more happy if the Oscarless Glenn Close - who is ALSO one of the best actresses today - got her due.