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Best Original Song of 2011 ?

Mary J. Blige's The Living Proof written for The Help, has just debuted on YouTube and I must say, it sounds exactly like  the kind of song the Academy would go for in a heartbeat : power ballad written and performed by a superstar. 

Considering her star-power, I could see her win even if the film failed at the Box Office (thanks to the remarkably succesful source material, that probably won't happen, it should deliver decent numbers even if it got panned, just like The Time Traveler's Wife) BUT if the studio wants any kind of Oscar-campaign, critics have to at least like the movie. If they do, Mary J. Blige might just be nominated for an Academy Award in January. If it turns out to be a critically acclaimed sleeper hit - just like the source material -  , she could even win ! 

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