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Familiar ?
She was the one getting intimate with Brad Pitt in Troy, she was also 'the bitch' in Bridesmaids and Charles Xavier's love interest in X-Men : First Class

Best Films
28 Weeks Later, Sunshine, Bridemaids, X-Men : First Class, Adam

We like her
because she is versatile and isn't afraid to try different genres : she can hold her own against Glenn 'Acting Giant' Close on the TV-show, Damages; she was the best thing in Troy, she shone in Sunshine, was adorable in Adam and quite simply – and surprisingly – hilarious in her cameoesque turn in Get him to the Greek and in this year's breakout comedy, Bridesmaids.

Little Known Fact
She won the prestigious Volpi Cup - the principal award given to actors at the Venice Film Festival – in 2000, the same year Javier Bardem won for Before Night Falls. She won for the little-seen The Godess of 1967. Just to put it in perspective, some of the best female performances of the last decade won Volpi Cups, including Helen Mirren's The Queen, Julianne Moore's Far From Heaven and Imelda Staunton's Vera Drake.

Career High would be hard to pick only one thing. She has three critically acclaimed Box Office hits AND her brilliant TV-show is coming back for its fourth season this summer. Thanks to her previous nominations and recent Box Office-success, she will probably win a Golden Globe for Damages in January.

What does her career need ?
Easy...a damn good LEAD role. She can do comedy, drama, sci-fi, period pieces, basically everything. Now she needs to get an opportunity to really shine...that's all.

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