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Wish List for the 55th BFI London Film Festival

(The official lineup will be announced on Wednesday.)

The 'Potential World Premiere' films are definitely long shots, but if we could only get a few from every 'group' here, it would be already an excellent lineup.
  1. Frankenweenie (Opening Night Film)
  2. Great Expectations (Closing Night Film)

  3. Skyfall (potential World Premiere)
  4. Lincoln (potential World Premiere)
  5. Life of Pi (potential World Premiere)
  6. Les Miserables (potential World Premiere)
  7. Zero Dark Thirty (potential World Premiere)
  8. Django Unchained (potential World Premiere)
  9. Promised Land (potential World Premiere)
  10. Hitchcock (potential World Premiere)
  11. Trance (potential World Premiere)
  12. Lovelace (potential World Premiere)
  13. Only God Forgives (potential World Premiere)
  14. Rise of the Guardians (potential World Premiere)

  15. Won’t Back Down (potential European Premiere)
  16. Butter (potential European Premiere)
  17. Flight (potential European Premiere)
  18. Compliance (potential European Premiere)
  19. Chasing Mavericks (potential European Premiere)
  20. Ruby Sparks

  21. Beasts of the Southern Wild (Sundance Standout)
  22. The Sessions (Sundance Standout)

  23. A Royal Affair (Berlinale Standout)
  24. The Door (Berlinale Standout)

  25. Rust & Bone (Cannes Standout)
  26. The Paperboy (Cannes Standout)
  27. Killing them softly (Cannes Standout)
  28. Amour (Cannes Standout)
  29. Mud (Cannes Standout)
  30. On the Road (Cannes Standout)

  31. The Master (Biennale Hopeful)
  32. Passion (Biennale Hopeful)
  33. To the Wonder (Biennale Hopeful)

  34. Argo (Telluride Standout)
  35. Hyde Park on Hudson (Telluride Hopeful)

  36. Cloud Atlas (Toronto Hopeful)
  37. The Silver Linings Playbook (Toronto Hopeful)
  38. The Place Beyond The Pines (Toronto Hopeful)
  39. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Toronto Hopeful)
  40. End of Watch (Toronto Hopeful)
  41. Thanks For Sharing (Toronto Hopeful)
  42. Imogene (Toronto Hopeful)
  43. Quartet (Toronto Hopeful)
  44. The Impossible (Toronto Hopeful)
  45. Anna Karenina (Toronto Hopeful)
  46. The Company You Keep (Toronto Hopeful)
  47. The Iceman (Toronto Hopeful)
  48. Song for Marion (Toronto Hopeful)
  49. What Maisie Knew (Toronto Hopeful)
  50. Arthur Newman (Toronto Hopeful)

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