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2011 - Best Original Song

When it comes to this category, I usually draw a blank up until the Academy announces its list of eligible contenders. I'll try to list a few potential nominees, anyway.
  1. The Help„The Living Proof” (Mary J. Blige)
      For now, I have a strong feeling about Blige, I think when all is said and done, SHE will be the winner. She wrote the song herself and the Academy loves to nominate/award musical superstars in this category and this sounds like the kind of power ballad voters could definitely go for. For what it's worth, she is definitely enthusiastic about the film.
  2. Rio - „Telling the World” (Taio Cruz)
      OK, so considering how many songs are in this film, I'm just going to automatically assume that there will be several on the long list and maybe one in the top3/top5.
  3. Rio - „Hot Wings” (
  4. Rio - „Real in Rio”
  5. Cars 2„Collision of Worlds” (Brad Paisley and Robin Williams)
      Pixar-films usually do well in this category and in this case in particular, the film looks rather song-heavy, so a nomination is definitely a strong possibility. The question is : which song ?
  6. Cars 2„Nobody's Fool” (Brad Paisley)
  7. Cars 2„You might think” (Weezer)
  8. Cars 2„Mon Caeur Fait Vroum” (My Heart Goes Vroom)" (BĂ©nabar)
  9. Cars 2„Polyrhythm” (Perfume)
  10. African Cats - „The World I knew” (Jordin Sparks)
      It will be probably on the long list, but won't get any further.
  11. X-Men : First Class - „Love Love” (Take That)
      I don't know whether it is even eligible, what I DO know, that it IS the official single of the film.
  12. Thor - „Walk” (Foo Fighters)
      Once again, eligibility is questionable. For what it's worth, it was prominently featured in the film (bar scene,closing credits).
  13. Kung Fu Panda 2
      I don't know, there must be a song-contender in there somewhere.
  14. Gnomeo and Juliet
  15. The Muppets
  16. Happy Feet 2

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